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For where I started to now I’ve learned a lot, as I am a beginner to animation and never once used a drawing tablet before. After the week of POC I was still in the POC phase because I wasn’t ready to move forward plus I didn’t check off all the boxes. So far, I’ve learned the basics of Adobe Animate CC for an example importing music into my animation then to export the file into a video. However, I still need to learn how to color I guess because I want to use color in my final project animation because I feel like It will be a change of paste considering I only use shades. I will have to do some research on what color looks good together and how to use color with meaning which I’ll watch videos with also googling then get feedback from people if they like it.


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For my project, I’ve broken it down into sections that will benefit my final project and my overall organization. The way I broke it down was by using a timeline on excel to guide if I was falling be hide which meaning I must alter my projector I’m I ahead of everything so that I could add more details to my project to make it top500 (overwatch thing). However, before I had my timeline I would have to list out what are the key sections or part that will help me create my own animation, I wanted to make an animation that’s only one minute long because going any longer as a beginner would be good so here are my key stages.
First off, I would have to create rough drafts of ideas that will fit into my one-minute timeline and just creating something that’s original content I guess. Rough drafting was tough at first because I’ve never created a piece of original let alone animation, so I had to spend the weekend and the time that I gave myself to create some ideas because I could just make one. In the end, I create up to three ideas which I got feedback from my friends and even let one of my friends pick which one I should do because I loved all three of them.
Next stage would be to make an original character what would fit into my idea, I would also have to factor how many characters I needed to make. Making a personality for my character was to most tough part due to not wanting a boring character or a Mary Sue/Gary Stu that would make my animation garbage. I need a friend and research to make this character considering what this was going to be my main character, a video called “How to make a good Original Character” by a channel called Solar Sand shined an equation that is Strength + Weakness x Which is stronger = Character. With this equation, I have made my first original character.
Thus, comes to the third part which is Storyboard. I haven’t made it to that part yet because I’m not finished my second stage, I’m terrified of this part because it’s going to be hard for me since I like to have everything perfect. If it’s not perfect, I hate the artwork I have created, and it brings me no happiness I guess.
Moving on to the linework, this is the big main part of this whole project which is to use all the three of the previous stages and combined them into one thing. I gave myself 14 days to finish this which is going to be 14 stressful days : ). I’m so excited to draw everything out onto adobe animate cc and to make sure that I have everything on the right settings and hope to god that everything will not kill itself because of my human mistake.
The fifth section will also be a challenge considering that I lack the use of color in every artwork that I have created. I don’t like to use color because I love to do shading with a pencil, I’ve only used color in my artwork if Its for an art class or someone says that they want it in color would end out looking like trash. However, in my animation, I want to use color because color has an effect or makes you feel I guess or maybe I just want a change of pace.
For the last two steps, It would be to fix up any mistake then export the file and add music, etc. With these two tasks, it would be close to the end of the timeline which is scary to say. I must make sure that I can finish the steps before I could do these ones however the pressure is now getting to me I guess. But I just need to focus and not fall be hide of everything which is easy to say but I think this timeline will make sure that I stay on time.

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For my Proof of Concept, I wanted to make an animation that was under a minute with music in the background. If you don’t know what “Proof of Concept” is it’s a phase to show if you can make something within the time. The purpose is to see if you can follow through your first draft or will you have to switch it because it didn’t work out. As I said before I wanted to make an animation with music but it was too much. I’m a beginner to animation so that’s already a lot of time going to learning how to use the programs and equipment. I learned that I wasn’t trying my best which was not using my time well and not being organized.

Moving forward from the past mistakes that lead me to still be in the same phase longer. For good reasons I am going to start using a schedule because I want to change my bad habits before they worst. On trail of moving forward, I am going to try and make an animation that is minute or a little over. It will have dark themes to it which I now hope will make people that watch it feel the sadness in it. But yeah I don’t know.

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In the past three weeks have been great, the teachers are fun, and I’ve made some new friends, but I still sit in the back by myself because people still scare me. However, I’ll be talking about how the past three weeks have been beginning with the third day of Propel we went to an escape room which was fun and built skills that weren’t there yet. Then there is a program that the grade 11s called PSP which means public speaking program. Then later we learned to play purposefully meaning achieving a task by the end of the day.

The first week we went to the escape rooms which was a great new experience, I’ve never when to one before plus I don’t really know anyone at first but this trip kind of changed everything. In the beginning, I wasn’t so happy about going to the escape rooms because of not knowing anyone in my group, I’m bad at talking to people I don’t so I was scared. However, a little bit of that fear went away when we started because we had to work as a team if we wanted to escape so that’s what we did. We escape with only 2 minutes left and that made my heart jump, I was so happy even though I didn’t know anyone from the group they all were nice chill people.

When I came into the classroom on the first day I couldn’t talk in front of people, but with this program now I have been able to get a little more comfortable talking in front of people. The first day at PSP we had to introduce ourselves to the class, and we learned how to properly write a speech that we presented at the end of the class which is when I wanted to die but I did forty-six seconds of it. The second class of PSP was a speech that we prepared ahead of time, the topic saw about our opinion on anything which went a little bit better than last time yet was still horrible because I did not prepare properly which was all my fault. Overall so far, the program has been helping me break out of my shell a little bit at a time. Just being in the program I feel like I will build better-presenting skills that I’ve never had until then.

Lastly would be a purposeful play which I explained to be achieving a task by the end of the day however Its supposed to be fun because you are doing something that you like or want to do for your final project. How I’ve been using the time is drawing characters and work on poses because I never actually draw my own original characters before. I would always draw some else’s characters; the reason would be that I can’t do it, or no one would like it. Therefore, now that I’m trying to make an animation I would like to have my own character in it to improve my art skills and move forward on it.

Overall, I think Propel is a great program because it makes you open up to people and make you feel welcome. All these things combined together have helped me grow a little more as a person and as a student, I feel like this three thing are important because of what it teaches you so I’m glad that I was allowed to join Propel and of course there are other things that we have done but these are the three things that stood out.