Blog 2 yeah yeah

For my Proof of Concept, I wanted to make an animation that was under a minute with music in the background. If you don’t know what “Proof of Concept” is it’s a phase to show if you can make something within the time. The purpose is to see if you can follow through your first draft or will you have to switch it because it didn’t work out. As I said before I wanted to make an animation with music but it was too much. I’m a beginner to animation so that’s already a lot of time going to learning how to use the programs and equipment. I learned that I wasn’t trying my best which was not using my time well and not being organized.

Moving forward from the past mistakes that lead me to still be in the same phase longer. For good reasons I am going to start using a schedule because I want to change my bad habits before they worst. On trail of moving forward, I am going to try and make an animation that is minute or a little over. It will have dark themes to it which I now hope will make people that watch it feel the sadness in it. But yeah I don’t know.


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